31 CHEMICALS SHOP is engaged in wholesale of Research Chemicals and many other chemicals.

31 CHEMICALS SHOP is one of those few online companies, who supply highly pure research chemicals for individual and/or corporate laboratory research and analysis. We offer our customers both most demanded as well as rare research chemicals of at least 98% purity. Every new batch of product passes laboratory tests and arrives to us complete with certification of analysis, this way we always know that we supply our customers with exceptionally pure chemicals.

We have been working for more than 6 years and have proven themselves only on the positive side. We have warehouses located on the territory of the European Union and the United States.

Our highly developed distribution network guarantees that all products you receive will be on time and will be sent to the most convenient locations for pickup. We also provide various shipping services that deliver products to our clients in various markets and in many different locations around the globe.

31chemicals-shop.com are a name you can trust, we will always deliver on our promises regarding delivery, we provide very secure and discreet packaging where necessary and guaranteed best prices.

At 31chemicals-shop.com you can buy online Research Chemicals, buy Cannabinoids, buy Stimulants, buy Psychedelics, buy Dissociative and Sedatives.
We ship Research Chemicals worldwide: USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Argentina, Poland, Austria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and many other countries.

Through our efforts, we supply the highest quality and purity chemicals with most competitive price. Consistent quality, rich experience in exporting, low risk, prompt service and short lead time, all these advantages are winning more and more customers and high market share for us.

We are not the average buy-and-sell business. Our prices are affordable and equal to average prices of research chemicals market. Being dedicated to customers comfort and satisfaction, we always try to meet and exceed customers expectations, offer wide variety of payment and shipping options. We are almost if not the only vendor who ensures packages shipped world wide.

Should any unexpected circumstances occur, our Customer Service team will always support you and find the most suitable solution for any situation. We listen to our customers and take into consideration every feedback and review. This helps us also to develop market, bring new products, offer more and more novelties to our customers.

We have managed to build long lasting relationship with a lot of retail and wholesale customers, their number is constantly growing. Most of the people return to our web-site regularly because they know, here they have wide range of quality products, flexible payment options, fast and insured delivery, secured and comfortable ordering process, prompt and efficient customer service. However, we know there is always space for perfection!

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy protection is an essential part of our business relationship with our clients and we guarantee your anonymity. Our privacy policies clarify the kind of information we ask users to provide us and how we use your personal data. By visiting our site, you agree with the terms of our Privacy Policy.

General Statement

Information collected from our users is stored in offline servers in undisclosed locations.. Under the Data Protection Act, a user may ask to see his/her personal information stored by our company upon written request. Personal data like name, address are required only when a customer places an order with us. The information provided by users should be correct, accurate and complete. The order will be canceled in case the information provided is found incorrect or misrepresented. In the event we need to contact a customer, we will do so via email or by phone. Please note, we do not contact customers for any purposes unless an issue or question pertaining to your order arises.

Sharing Information

We never share, lend or sell your personal information to third parties. Your personal information will never be entered into a mailing list, except if you opt for news updates from 31chemicals-shop.com. Communication in this case will be by email only, and your email address will never be passed on to any third party.

Secure Payment policy

All purchases made at 31chemicals-shop.com are 100% secure. In order to guarantee security and confidentiality for all data (credit card number, date of expiration and CVC code), we transmit it encoded directly to the bank server without registering it on the 31chemicals-shop.com server. Secure Payment policy

Data Treatment and Changes

Data provided by our consumers is never shared, exchanged or exposed to any third parties. Users’ personal information is never entered into a mailing list except a user chooses to receive updates from our company. In this case, communication between 31chemicals-shop.com and a user comes only through email messaging and your email address is never revealed to third parties. Any changes to our Privacy Policy that affect customers are reported to users before they come into effect. Disclaimer We are not responsible for the security of your data in the event you follow a third party link on 31chemicals-shop.com website to other websites. Make sure to carefully read the Privacy Policy of each website you visit before downloading any information.


Please familiarize yourself with the following rules before using or buying anything from this website:

  • This website is designed for legal adults (18 years old) use only.
  • 31chemicals-shop.com is not created for, nor by any means supports its possible illegal usage.
  • 31chemicals-shop.com is not responsible for the actions of any parties, buying products from the site.
  • All of the website’s data is for informational purpose only.
  • Criminal use of information from this website is forbidden.
  • Usage of information from this website in propagandistic purpose is prohibited.
  • All of the products are sold as souvenirs or for scientific research purpose only.
  • 31chemicals-shop.com by no means, encourages illegal activity in our clients. This website bears no responsibility for clients violating the laws of the country of residence.

Guaranteed delivery

We offer free shipping worldwide.

We offer delivery guarantee (one reship if order is lost or delayed by customs e.t.c. ) on all wholesale orders.

We do not reship if customer indicated wrong, incorrect address. Address can be changed only if order is not dispatched (is still in our facility).

We value our customers and their privacy. Therefore, all our orders are packed properly for safe method for navigation, as well as in discrete containers. We do not host any information about the container that could jeopardize the contents of the packets contain.

* We can also offer some unique ways to conceal the contents of the parcel * (contact us for details).All orders are sent within 1-3 day after payment received. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. After sending the order we will change the status of your order, as well as inform the tracking number.

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